Part of an award-winning, family-owned group of companies, Mactaggart & Mickel has been building luxury homes since 1925. Every home built is given their ‘Seal of Approval’ as a final quality check before new owners move in. This level of attention to detail and quality of finish is what sets them apart and why they’ve been working with us for over five years now.

Originally commissioned for their Castle Grove show suite at Newton Mearns in Glasgow, the MacMic Kitchen Styler has proved to be a highly effective and ‘sticky’ marketing tool designed to engage visitors as they look for interior styling inspiration after purchasing a MacMic home.

On the back of the Kitchen Styler success, we built the next generation Finishes Selector system for their Midton Fields show suite. Designed to provide a more personalised way for post-sale customers to select their interior finishes options, the Home Styler was launched in May this year and has proved to be a popular add-on to their sales suite, after-sales care and procurement team.

Simple and intuitive to use in the sales suite or at home, customers who have made a reservation can login to the Home Styler and choose their interior finishes in their own time. They can view upgrades available and as costs are calculated on screen. They can even share their personalised room views with family and friends before they make a final decision.

The thinking behind the Finishes Selector system was relatively simple; the design and coding highly complex. After many months of research and discussions with their sales team we delivered the Home Styler and generated value to MacMic as they continue their customer service excellence and optimise this interactive product.

As we continue to develop our Finishes Selector to the next level, we’re delighted to be nominated for the Scottish Design Awards 2019.

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