Over the coming months we’ll be taking a look at the environmental benefits of marketing property off-plan and engaging buyers at home. We’ll be highlighting the ways the house building industry can help to reduce its carbon footprint through increased digital marketing efficiencies. And why home buyers today expect to ‘click not flick’ onto the next brochure page, instantly downloading the information they need.

With over £954 million of new build property for sale currently represented across our digital sales platform, we are supporting a growing number of UK house builders and developers as they shift their marketing spend to brand experience through digital, in place of more traditional brand advertising.

When it comes to early stage property marketing, there are so many ways to engage buyers looking for detailed information before driving to a sales suite.

As we learn more about the damage being done to our environment, taking measures to help reduce our carbon emissions will become increasingly important. By giving home buyers access to the information they want online, this will contribute to a more sustainable marketing strategy.

Drawing from the data insights available across our systems, we’ll be highlighting our findings as we look at how buyer behaviour is changing and environmental savings can be made across marketing campaigns.

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