So why does International Women’s Day mean so much to Pixel?

Well to answer this, you only have to listen to Cat Smith our co-founding Director talking with passion about the impact and value of the inspiring women who now work across our international team.

When Pixel’s UK office was launched in 1996 and Indian production hub established five years later, the Pune office had no women on board. In 2009 there were two, one being Cat as Director. This represented less than ten per cent of the total staff in our company.

As a proud equal-opportunities employer, ten years later, across both offices, we’ve now reached an impressive 50:50 ratio of women to men working across all aspects of the business from finance, project management, 3D modelling, web design to digital marketing.

With the gender equality gap still a significant challenge most prominently in the Indian workforce today, Pixel’s status quo is a real achievement and something we’re all extremely proud to share. Maybe something we can talk more about in the future?

With Cat spearheading a culture which celebrates women’s place and influence in the world today, her message to the female members of our team on Sunday was clear and simple. To view International Women’s Day as an important opportunity to mark women’s achievements the world over, as well as within our own business. This resonates especially with the talented female members of our team in Pune. They have earned respect from their families and friends for striving for what they believe in and taking their rightful place.

She talked about how, “Together as women, we can help build a better world. We can change opinion, fight bias, increase peoples’ knowledge and improve challenging situations.”

Every one of us can help to do this and collectively we can build a gender equal world. A world where women (particularly in societies still shrouded in gender inequality) can build a belief that anything is possible and their opinion is valued and respected.”

For us, International Women’s Day is about celebrating women’s achievements, not only in the work place, but across all aspects of life, large and small. Being heard, being seen, being listened to meaningfully and being respected, these are all achievements which point towards building a more balanced world where everyone can thrive.

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